Previous Presenters

Victoria Findlay Wolfe was the kick-off presenter for our new venture, Her work balances between art quilts, traditional & modern quilting styles, and reflects her passion for bringing the fine art of quilting to the modern age. She wowed the crowd with her bright, bold, creative work.

“Love her work, like her attitude- don’t get stressed out, just do it..” “very inspiring and liberating”

David Owen Hastings: Minimal Design, Maximum Impact

David is a quilter, graphic designer, print and textile artist, and former President of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild. He creates richly-layered contemporary artwork and modern minimal quilt and textile designs. We all wanted to rush out and try the exercises he described in his presentation. Check out his stitched paper artwork and other work on his website, and Instagram @davidowenhastings

MJ Kinman: Gems and Joy

MJ Kinman is a textile artist. Working with fabric and paint, she creates large format works that use the play of light and colour to display the personality of the actual stone. Her work has been exhibited in galleries, museums, national juried competitions. and private collections. Visit her website, and view a 3-minute video to be inspired.

In addition to describing her 20-year adventure in creating her diamond quilts, she will discuss selecting gems that qualify as “divas and drama queens” and what they teach us about how to add sparkle to any art quilt. She’ll also talk about the techniques used to create and assemble the hundreds of pieces in each diamond, materials she uses to create the wash of colour and light across a gem’s surface, and the quilting techniques that enhance a gem’s facets.

Diane P. Harris: Make Extraordinary Scrap Quilts
Wednesday April 28th 2021 7:30 pm EST

Well, once you have made your first quilt, you have scraps. and the pile grows. Diane Harris is here to help you ! She is mostly known as the Stash Bandit, and for good reason. She has lots of tips, tricks and ideas to help you work through that pile. Here are the links to notes from her class:

Diane’s Best Tips

Hints and Tips:

Make Extraordinary Scrappy Quilts LINKS:

Gillian Travis: Make Journey into Stitch SPECIAL DAY AND TIME: Sunday May 16th 2021 11:00 am EST

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Gillian Travis has loved textiles from a young age. She is an award winning quilter who has taught around the globe. Many of her works feature a collection of similar objects- I fell in love with the pomegranate quilt years ago, and have followed her ever since. It is easy to see she is an adventurous traveller with a love for textiles, photography and colour. She incorporates all these loves in creating her journal quilts, a great way to capture the look and feel of a place. Come and be inspired! See a few more of my favourite Gillian Travis photos here.. or check out her website , her blog or her instagram @gilliantravis

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Brandy Maslowski of Quilter on Fire: Travel to Quilt July 14, 2021 7:30 pm

Quilter on Fire

Are you craving travel? It looks like it might be a while yet, but Brandy will be whetting our appetites to travel for quilts. Best known as the Quilter on Fire.. check her website for more information.

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Brigitte Heitland My Journey as a Quilter / My Design Process Wednesday August 18th 2021 7:30 pm EDT

Brigitte began studying interior design, and when she saw what the people in textile design were working on she quickly joined them. She has an instantly recognizable style, bringing a modern, sophisticated aesthetic to her work. She now has her own fabric lines through Moda Fabrics, a recently published book, and a huge range of patterns. Check her website for free patterns! I love them all.

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Luke Haynes Wednesday September 8th, 2021 Eastern Time

Luke came to quilt making through studying art and architecture.. and these influences show in his work. Imagine making 50 log cabin quilts.. all 90 x 90″, all different. Every year he makes a self-portrait quilt, where you can see his development and creativity at work. And those 3D quilts… WOW!

Kathy Doughty: Organic Design Wednesday September 29th 7:30PM EDT

Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession in Australia came to quiltTalk September 29th. This talk was just packed with information, suggestions, tips and examples. And her workshop the week after that was terrific. Four hours jam-packed Kathy style!

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