Free Stuff

There is SO much interesting and FREE quilt-related content out there on the internet and YouTube these days… here is where you will find a curated list to help you sort through it all.

First is The Scrap Basket. The latest blog post is issue 100, so you know this has staying power. There are tons of links here to things the author has been working on, things she has found in her web journey, and more. One example: she mentions lots of sources for those quilted coats that we are seeing everywhere.

One of my favourite quilters -and Canadian to boot!- is Terry Aske. I love her quilts, and she blogs regularly with photos of works in progress, and design choices she needs to make during construction of her pieces. She has a page on her blog titled Tips, Tutorials and More. They are even organized by subject. For example, you can find links to sites with information on easy organization solutions, methods for hanging quilts, as well as her own tips and tutorials on such subjects as facing a quilt, squaring up a quilt using Pellon 1″ grid, making fabric postcards, and more.

Do you have a favourite place that has compiled quilting information or help? Email me so I can help spread the word!