What would your dream quilt be? Would it be a spectacular quilt that takes time to make, but will make you sigh every time you look at it? Well, the jewelled quilts by MJ Kinman are SO spectacular, I would love to see her process.Would I make one? Hmmmm.. I will need to see them before I decide- which one??Great wall art too.

Hopefully you are all signed up for her talk! Doors open at 7 pm EST, and the talk begins at 7:30 pm. be sure to login early just in case there are any problems. I will email the ZOOM link through Eventbrite on Tuesday, and re-send via a separate email service on Wednesday morning. My email is valerie@quiltTalk.ca if you are having problems.

And if you haven’t yet signed up, there are still a few spots left…  Click here to get your tickets!

See you Wednesday!